ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 6

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 6

  • Release date: 23 September 2015 (public release)
  • Part #: 1041/74
  • Build #:

Windows 10 Support

This release officially supports Microsoft Windows 10.

New export approach for large multi-page document conversion to searchable PDFs.

The new export mode is almost 4 times faster as the default export method. It requires less RAM resources, makes the error handling more convenient, and prevents losing all exported data in case of an error during the export step. Learn more >

Smaller output PDF file size with pages of mixed colors.

In combination with the existing API for individual compression selection, the new PDF exporting API now allows reducing the file size of the exported PDF.
Note: The new API does not work in MRC mode. MRC and the individual resolution / compression setting are two different approaches targeting the same goal – high visual quality PDF with a small size. 

Improved accuracy for barcode recognition profiles

The recognition accuracy of some barcode types has increased by up to 20%.

Ability to process single-page documents from memory in batch mode

To comply to strict security standards as well as to increase the processing speed, the new API allows processing single-page documents stored in memory in batch mode.

Extended information on character position in a word.

The updated properties for capturing the location of word’s characters provide accurate results for both right-­to-­left and left-­to-right writing languages.

OCR improvements for Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Farsi.

The improvements result in overall better recognition accuracy.

Possibility to implement own interface for managing the parallel processing.

The developer has now the possibility to implement own logic for managing the parallel processing work and reporting errors which occurred during the processing.

Warnings are connected to particular pages.

Now the warnings contain the page index information, which is useful in error-handling process.

Classification sample utilizing multi-processing

The Classification sample has been updated to use multiple CPU cores for the recognition stage speeding up the classification process.

Updated documentation

A set of new articles was added to the Administrator's Guide describing various installation and de-installation processes.

New version of CodeMeter runtime

The distributive includes version 5.21 (5.21.1478.500) of CodeMeter runtime

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