ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 4

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 4

  • Release date: 19 June 2015 (public release)
  • Part #: 1155/17
  • Build #:

Back-up possibility for the network license server (network license redundancy)

Now a backup license server can be set up to take over the license management if the main license server breaks down. Thanks to fail-proof redundant license server the continuous processing on all workstations in a network can be guaranteed.

Export to memory

Due to company's security restrictions it might be prohibited to save documents on disk. The recognized documents can now be sent as a file stream directly to other applications.

Parallel export to PDF and to PPTX

Export of multi-page documents to PDF and to PPTX can be performed in parallel mode. This feature increases the processing speed of multi-page documents in parallel processing scenarios.

New profile for faster barcode recognition (speed)

The processing of documents with barcodes can be faster when using the predefined profile for barcode recognition optimized for speed.

Technical preview of a new OCR language - Farsi.

The new Farsi OCR language is now available as technical preview. (Arabic OCR Add-on module needs to be licensed).

Possibility to enable and disable interpolation in PDF viewers

Interpolation in PDF viewers can affect the visual quality of PDF file. Now you can decide whether the interpolation should be disabled or enabled.

New property for shadows and highlights correction in photographs

During the image pre-processing step, the quality of the photograph can be optimized by correcting excessive shadows and uneven lighting.

Improved recognition quality by removing color objects during pre-processing stage

This feature is useful for documents with black text and white background that contain colored elements (e.g. stamps) that don’t need to be recognized. Color objects on the image can be filtered out before the layout analysis and recognition steps. After the processing is complete the color objects can be put back on the image.



Support of corrupted tiff files opening

Often it is not possible to influence the quality of image files. In some specific cases it is now possible to open TIFF images even they are corrupted.

Possibility to save images to PNG with transparent background

You don't need an image editing tool anymore for creating an image with a transparent background.

New attribute ‘rotation’ in xml export scheme

New attribute ‘rotation’ in ‘page’ tag defines the type of rotation applied to original page image before processing.


Important notes:

API Changes in Release 4 compared to Release 3

  • Some properties related to document structure are marked as deprecated:
  • HFM_Format32 format is marked as obsolete
    From this release, this format is obsolete. Using this constant is equivalent to HFM_Format40 with the IHTMLExportParams::UseCss property set to FALSE.

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