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ABBYY Products Lifecycle Status

This page provides information on the availability of support for ABBYY business products that have defined End of Support dates.

ABBYY continuously improves and develops new products built on the new intelligent technologies. Several products reach the end of their product life cycle as they mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. If your product version was released before the version that can be found in the table below, it means that your product version is not supported anymore. Newer versions are still available for ordering and support.

Product Status End of Sales Date* End of Support Date* Successor Product
FineReader Engine 11 (Windows, Linux, Mac) End of Life   August 2023 FineReader Engine 12 (Windows, Linux, Mac)
FlexiCapture 11 End of Life January 2022 January 2023 FlexiCapture 12 Distributed
Recognition Server 4 End of Life November 2018 November 2023 FineReader Server 14
FlexiCapture 11-12 Engine End of Sale December 2020 December 2024 FlexiCapture SDK
Cloud OCR SDK Available for order to existing customers

December 31, 2022

(subscription renewals excluded)

not planned

Vantage OCR Skill

Existing customers can continue using Cloud OCR SDK

Embedded SDK End of Sale November 2022   Vantage
FlexiCapture for Invoices 11 End of Life December 2021 December 2022 FlexiCapture for Invoices 12
Mobile Capture SDK End of Sale April 1, 2023             -   
FineReader PDF Products
Product Status End of Sales Date* End of Support Date* Successor Product
FineReader 15 (Windows) End of Sales September 2022 September 2025 FineReader PDF 16
FineReader 15 Sprint (Windows) End of Sales January 2023 September 2025 FineReader PDF 16 Sprint

*End of Sales and End of Support dates may not be defined for the products from the Current Portfolio.


For the list of End of Life announcements, visit this page: End of Life Announcements

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