How and when to clean up ...\AppData\Local\Temp folder for FlexiCapture


How and when to clean up ...\AppData\Local\Temp folder for FlexiCapture?


Files from the TEMP folder usually are needed when the program is working. When the files are finished processing by FlexiCapture, the system removes them automatically from the TEMP folder. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the customer is to clean up the DataBase and old projects, etc. When the program session is closed all temp files can be deleted without harm to the program. The ..\AppData\Local\Temp folder is used by other applications as well, not only by FlexiCapture.

There are several approaches to clean up the Temp folder:

  • If temp files are in use, then Windows will not allow to remove them. In this case, the folder can be cleaned up manually. Only the files that are not in use will be removed, it will not influence system operation.
  • Windows never automatically clean the %TEMP% directory by default. In Windows 10 you have to enable this feature in Settings, and with earlier versions, you must delete the files yourself or use programs like Disk Cleanup. 
  • If some files can't be deleted due to permanent work of FlexiCapture, to decrease the size of the Temp folder, it is necessary to stop the processing in the FlexiCapture complex (Processing Server and all Stations) and stop the related FlexiCapture Services (Processing Server and Stations Services) and delete the temporary files manually. 

Note: check user permission for this folder (it should be set to Full Control for both User and Network Service).

As a workaround, it is possible to create a .bat file for the Temp folder clean-up and in the next step set the corresponding task in the Task Scheduler with the use of the .bat file for the recurring clean-up.


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