How to change the TEMP folder location in FlexiCapture 12


The disk is almost full and a high workload creates many TEMP files.
How to change the location of temporary files?


Currently, there is no functionality to select the TEMP folder for FlexiCapture.
As a workaround, consider changing the system environment variable.

Note: This will change the storage of all temporary files in the system.

Follow the instructions from the official Microsoft forum:

  1. Right-click on Computer and click on Properties. In the resulting window with the basic information about your computer.
  2. Click on  Advanced system settings  on the left panel > i n a dialog box opened go to the  Advanced tab .
  3. Click on the button near the bottom labeled  Environment Variables .
  4. TMP  and  TEMP are listed in the section labeled  User variables for <account> . That's the common location; each different login account is assigned its own temporary location.
  5. In the Variable value edit box specify the path to the desired directory:


Note: it needs to double-check the TEMP pass for all users. If it is needed to change the location of temporary files only for FlexiCapture, change this environmental variable for users who run the FlexiCapture 12 Windows Services and users that use the FlexiCapture 12 Stations.

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