Adding Processing Server. FlexiBr: Processing Server restart: ...INCORRECT_APP_SERVER_DB_GUID error.


When adding a new Processing Server, the Processing Server is unable to start with the following error:

FlexiBr: Processing Server restart:...INCORRECT_APP_SERVER_DB_GUID 


In the FlexiCapture database, a value for the field DatabaseGUID in the dbo.settings table is missing.


If the FlexiCapture database was created manually, try to recreate it using the Administrator and Monitoring Console:


If the problematic database was created in Administration and Monitoring Console, or you can not recreate it using the Administration and Monitoring Console for any reason, try the following workaround.

  1. Run Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or similar tool.
  2. Connect to your SQL Server instance and open the FlexiCapture database.
  3. Find table dbo.settings table, select the Edit Top 200 Rows.

  4. Change type to Update.

  5. Fill the field DatabaseGUID by any value in the GUID format, for example:
  6. Close the table, changes will be saved.

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