What kind of security protocols Flexicapture supported?


Does FlexiCapture support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 protocol?



ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 supports the TLS 1.2 protocol, which is the recommended encryption protocol for secure connections.  

When connecting to ABBYY FlexiCapture, other protocols can be used at the operating system level. Please refer to this section of the Microsoft website for detailed instructions on how to restrict the use of certain protocols.

TLS 1.2 support was implemented in FlexiCapture release 3( and newer) as was mentioned in the release notes.
Before release 3 TLS 1.2 support was implemented partly.

In release 2( - stations support the TLS 1.2. protocol. To use the protocol with the HTTPS connection, follow the steps described below: 

  • Enable TLS 1.2 using IIS Crypto. 
  • Enable the protocol on the server-side for the Application Server. 
  • Establish client-side protocols for other computers where ABBYY FlexiCapture components are installed. 
  • Disable any other protocols if necessary. 

In release 1 update ( TLS1.2 Support was implemented at first. Web station did not work if TLS1.2. enabled.

Please find more details in this article: https://help.abbyy.com/en-us/flexicapture/12/admin_guide/https

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