The project update fails: cannot install updates from an unrelated project


When running the project update using the FCAdminTools UpdateProject command, or choosing the Project > Update Project in the Project Setup Station, the operation fails with the following error:

Cannot install updates from an unrelated project.


The cause of this error is in the GUIDs of projects being different. You can check the GUID of the project uploaded to the server in the Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects page (GUID column).


The GUID of the project is created when the project is created and is unique to each project. The only way for two projects to have the same GUID is to copy the project (when working with the projects stored locally) or to export the project from the server. That way, the copy (or export) of the project and the original project will have the same GUID.

The GUID of the project is changed only in the following scenario:

  1. Project A is uploaded to the server.
  2. Export Project A from the server.
  3. The exported project will be called Project B.
  4. Upload Project B to the server.
  5. Because there is already a project on the server with the same GUID as Project B, the GUID of Project B will be changed.
  6. The newly uploaded project will be called Project C.
  7. Because the GUIDs of Project B and Project C are different, Project B cannot be used to update Project C.
  8. But Project B can be used to update Project A since they have the same GUID.

As mentioned above, there could not be two projects with the same GUID in one server or tenant. This means that the project update is impossible if both the source and the target projects are uploaded to the same server (tenant).

Additional information

Will the same project uploaded to the same Application Server but in different Tenants have the same GUIDs?

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