How to limit the number of samples used for training in training batches


Is there any way to lock the training batches automatically after a particular number of samples are trained for a vendor?

The training happens from Verification Stations. Our requirement is to lock the training once 5 samples are trained for each vendor.


  • Check under which user ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Processing Station service is running in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. By default, it is NETWORK SERVICE:
  • If it is NETWORK SERVICE, please create the following registry key MaxTrainingDocuments under

Note: If it is another user, then add the key for that particular user.

Steps to add a registry key:

      • Launch Regedit.
      • Create a key named Controller in HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\SOFTWARE\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0
      • In the Controller key, create a new key named Training.
      • In the Training key, create a string variable named MaxTrainingDocuments.
      • For the value of the MaxTrainingDocuments variable, specify the number of samples you need to limit your training batches for.
      • Restart the machine.


Note: If you have several processing stations please repeat those steps for each of them.


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    Manish Badhan

    This solution did not worked, We had set 5 as the count but still Training Sets are storing more than 5 documents per Vendor Folder..



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