How to move File Storage to another drive


How can I move File Storage from one drive to another?


  1. Stop automatic import (Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects > disable Hot Folders)
  2. Make sure all documents are verified and exported. All batches are in the Processed state. It is better to delete all processed batches from the system.
  3. Export projects from the server to have backup versions.
  4. Close all stations.
  5. Stop the Processing Server.
  6. Close all opened sessions (Administration and Monitoring Console > Processing Monitor > Sessions).
  7. Create FlexiCapture database backup by means of Microsoft SQL Management Studio.
  8. Create a copy of File Storage (if it is a folder on a disk) and save it in a new place. Do not delete the old one (to have a backup).
  9. Make sure that accounts that FlexiCapture services are run under have read/write permissions for the new location.
  10. Go back to Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Application Server (make sure it is run under Administrator), click on Connect to Existing Database, then point to the new file storage path for example from C:\Filestorage to E:\Filestorage. Database settings remain the same.
  11. Start Processing Server and stations.
  12. Enable hot folders.

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    Fernando Yubero

    Hi Tatiana,

    If it is not possible all the documents are processed?



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