FlexiCapture 12 Distributed: update procedure


What is the update procedure for FlexiCapture 12 Distributed?


We strongly recommend testing the new version before updating the production environment.

Before updating the production environment, prepare a test environment with a new version, and test your processes/workflows and FlexiCapture projects on the new version of FlexiCapture 12.

Also it is strongly advised to make a backup of the production environment before the update.

Please refer to the following Online Help topic for detailed backup procedures: Creating an ABBYY FlexiCapture backup

The procedure for upgrading the FlexiCapture Distributed version is as follows.

  1. Use administrator privileges or equivalent privileges.
  2. Make sure to disable UAC (you can enable it back after the update).
  3. Download the latest version of FlexiCapture Distributed from the following URL: https://www.abbyy.com/flexicapture-downloads/distributed-invoices/
  4. Uninstall the ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations and ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Servers applications in Settings > Apps on all computers with FlexiCapture installed.
  5. Even after uninstalling the above two, unless you manually delete the license information and the database connection information, the license information and database connection information will remain, so you do not need to reconfigure it after the update.
  6. After uninstalling, run the Autorun.exe in the * .iso file for the downloaded update, click on Distributed Installation and install the new versions of the servers and stations. For both, follow the wizard.
  7. After installation of the servers, the Administration and Monitoring Console page with the database connection settings will open automatically. You can review your database connection settings here, and check if the database update is required. The need for an update is signaled by the corresponding button next to the database name. You should click this button to update the database if the update is required.

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