Cannot connect to the Processing Station: Unable to perform RPC call


When trying to connect the Processing Station installed on another machine you getting the error message:

Failed to retrieve default OCR Station configuration.

Unable to perform RPC call. The stub received bad data.



  1. The issue may be related to the Kerberos authentication.
    If the Server Manager has been installed with the Kerberos and the Processing Station without it or vice versa.
  2. The difference in the Server Manager and Processing Station builds (Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features):


  1. Try to disable the Kerberos on the Server Manager side or reinstall the Processing Station with it.
    You can install it using the command line: Installing ABBYY FineReader Server Components
    Example: Install.exe /ProcessingStation=true /UseKerberosAuth=true
    • To disable the Kerberos on the Processing Station:
      • Stop the Processing Station service on the machine with only Processing Station;
      • Copy the NetworkProtocolSettings.xml (C:\ProgramData\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0) from the machine with Server Manager to the Processing Station one;
      • mceclip3.png
      • Start the Processing Station service;
      • Try to connect the station again
  2. Install the same build of the FineReader Server components on both machines.

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