How to enable License Consumption Reports


Why do I get empty License Consumption Reports in Administration and Monitoring Console though I definitely processed pages through Processing Stations after installing FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 5?


To enable the License Consumption Reporting feature, add the line EnablePagesWriteOffLog to dbo.Settings in FlexiCapture 12 Database with the following values:

  • Name = EnablePagesWriteOffLog
  • Value = True
  • TenantId = Null


By specifying the values ​​in the TenantId field, adjust for which tenants to enable the setting:

  • Null - for all tenants
  • 0 - only for the default tenant

  • 1 and further ascending - for the tenant with the corresponding ID

After making these changes, recycle the IIS pools.

Note: Consumed pages will be seen in those reports only the next day, i.e. if pages have been processed on the 18th of Aug, and the report is generated on the same day then the report will not include those pages, however, they will be seen there if to generate the report the next day.

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