IPE: JobProcessor.cpp, 250 when processing files without Processing Stations with Preprocessing role


When the Processing station has only a Processing role, it is possible to get the following IPE when trying to process PDF files:

"Processing station *server_name*. Internal program error: E:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\47\s\Build\RS\Product\App.OCRProcessor\src\JobProcessor.cpp, 250".

However, when the role is changed to Preprocessing & Processing, there is no error, and PDF is processed normally.


This error happens due to the absence of Processing Stations with Preprocessing role in the environment if AOO (Apache Open Office) module is used in the workflow settings.


In this case, there are two possible workarounds:

  1. Change the AOO settings like below:
    <DigitalBornDocumentsAooModuleSettings IsEnabled="false" OfficeType="AbbyyOpenOffice" 
    - In the configuration file %PROGRAMDATA%\ABBYY FineReader Server 14\Configuration.xml;
    In the workflow settings file (export your workflow settings, edit the XML file, load the modified workflow settings).

    Even if you change the above XML files, the PDF files will still not be processed. The IPE will not appear, but the workflow will have a "No preprocessing stations" note. To continue processing, you should have at least one station with a Preprocessing & Processing role (see below).

  2. Set at least one station in your environment to have a Preprocessing & Processing role.
    Even if you don't intend to process Office files, the preprocessing stage is an important part of the workflow and it is required to have at least one preprocessing station for normal operation.
    When you're processing PDF files, there are still some tasks that are performed in a preprocessing stage, so please consider changing your environment so that there's at least one station in your environment that has a Preprocessing & Processing role.

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