Processing Server error in the Event Viewer after upgrading the FlexiCapture 11 project to FlexiCapture 12: TaskType.cpp


After upgrading the FlexiCapture 11 project to FlexiCapture 12 and uploading it to the FlexiCapture 12 server, the processing of the documents is not working. The following error can be found in the Event Viewer:

FlexiBr: MSG_SYS_RL_ERROR_WHILE_PROCESSING_TIMER Internal program error:
E:\TfsBuildAqent\_work\1\s\Build\FlexiCapture\Controller\Background\Src\Common\Types\TaskType.cpp, 864.1


There are some workflow stages in FlexiCapture 11 that are not supported in FlexiCapture 12, and there is a known issue when this error could happen when the projects that have such stages are updated to the FlexiCapture 12.


Check the workflow settings in the project settings and each Batch Type.

Such stages may need to be recreated from scratch if they are needed. But in known cases, this is usually related to the Unattended Processing stage, which can be deleted from the workflow. If you have an Unattended Processing stage in the project's workflows, it should be deleted.

If you are unable to identify what stages are causing the issue, you can recreate the workflow. To recreate the workflow from scratch, you can change the workflow schema (for example, to Unattended), apply the changes then change it back to the desired schema and recreate the workflow.

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