Does ABBYY support MSSQL High Availability Group configurations?

ABBYY does support MSSQL HA configurations, however please be advised that there is a requirement for installing and configuring a special non-available by default OLE DB driver on the Application Server.

We recommend installing the latest OLE DB driver MSOLEDBSQL for the SQL Server from (Note: Versions may change, so make sure you are checking your DB requirements)

This is the latest OLE DB driver supporting availability groups by using the option MultiSubnetFailover=True in the connection string in the web.config file.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Stop the Processing Server
  • Stop the IIS
  • Adjust the FC connection string in the ..\Server\web.config file for using the installed driver
    Example: It should be similar to "Provider=MSOLEDBSQL;Data Source=***.COM,14331;Initial Catalog=AbbyyFC01;Trusted_Connection=true;MultiSubnetFailover=True". The parameters highlighted with bold are important, other parameters are to be double checked with the driver specification.
  • Start the IIS
  • Start the Processing Server

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