The recommended authentication method for the users imported from Active Directory if the Windows Authentication can not be used


The Windows Authentication can not be used due to the network structure. What would be the recommended authentication method for the users imported from Active Directory in this case?


The most convenient way for the users imported from Active Directory to log in to the FlexiCapture is to use Windows Authentication. To use Windows authentication in Web Stations, use the /winauth key after the URL. For example, http://localhost/FlexiCapture12/Verification/winauth. For Rich Stations, which are installed on the computer, you can choose to use the Windows authentication in the connection settings as shown below.

In case Windows Authentication cannot be used for any reason, it is recommended to use FlexiCapture Authentication. To enable it, reset the password for users that need the FlexiCapture Authentication, as per the procedure described in the FlexiCapture documentation:

Using the Active Directory to manage users (Using FlexiCapture authentication section)

If you need to use FlexiCapture authentication for a user imported from the Active Directory, the administrators and the user must complete these steps:

1. The administrator must click the user's login and on the page where roles and permissions are specified, click the RESET PASSWORD button, and specify "password" as a temporary password for the user.

Note: If the RESET PASSWORD button is not available on the roles and permissions page, this means that the user has already been issued with a temporary password.

2. The user must now log in to ABBYY FlexiCapture and change their password.

3. When accessing a ABBYY FlexiCapture station, the user must select server authentication. When accessing a web station, the user must specify the address of the station in the following format: http://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCapture12/<Station>, where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed and <Station> is the web station that the user wants to access.

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