Email Notification on Exceptions


I would like to have an email notification sent to us when a document has recognition errors and is sent to Exceptions.


You can enable email notifications about errors for the needed projects in Administration and Monitoring Console if you set up an SMTP server. You may find more information in our Administrator's Help by the link:

Using E-mail notification about errors and warnings you are able to:

  • Configure error and/or warning e-mail notifications for one or several projects (the Projects field)
  • Add users or groups of users to the recipient list (the Send To field)
  • Configure how often this notification will be sent to subscribers (the Frequency of notifications field)
  • Determine the number of errors which will be displayed in the e-mail body (the Include N error messages in the email body field)

This type of notification may be created an unlimited number of times. You are allowed to configure notifications for different projects with different users and notification frequency.

Then, you will be able to filter such letters for example based on {errorsdescription} tag, which will describe the particular error in the email body.

Also, as a workaround for tracking the workflow process, you can use the database (table "ProcessingStage", column Type, value 1000 for Exception). You could develop a script, running in a cycle all the time, which will be querying the database for the actual Processing Stage. 

Once the query returns the needed Processing Stage Id - the script sends the e-mail notification to the specified user.

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    We are looking same logic.

    Could you please send me the DATABASE SQL Query to check the status of the batches.

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