How to install single FlexiCapture Station


We need to deploy Flexicapture 12 Stations in a custom mode. We don't need to deploy the entire package of stations. It's necessary to deploy only 2 units (Scanning station and Verification station).


The FlexiCapture stations could be installed separately via cmd. The STATIONS parameter is responsible for the Stations to be installed:

  • STATIONS=0,1,2,3,4,5,6 installs client components.
    • 0 installs the Scanning Station.
    • 1 installs the Processing Station.
    • 2 installs the Verification Station.
    • 3 installs the Data Verification Station.
    • 4 installs the Project Setup Station.
    • 5 installs FlexiLayout Studio.
    • 6 installs FormDesigner.

Please also see the example:

Stations x64.exe /qn /L1049 /v INSTALLDIR="D:\FC12" STATIONS=1,4 ACCOUNTTYPE=Custom LOGIN=Domain\UserLogin PASSWORD=PSWD

This sequence of commands instructs the installer to install the Processing Station and the Project Setup Station components into the D:\FC12 folder with Russian for the GUI language and run the Processing Station service under the Domain\UserLogin account using PSWD for the password.

The full cmd installation process is described in the following ABBYY Online Help Guide:

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