Data cleanup in FlexiCapture 12


How to automatically clean up data in FlexiCapture 12 to reduce the size of the File Storage and the Database.


The File Storage is where FlexiCapture stores images and metadata:

If no File Storage is available, FlexiCapture will store all project files in the database. More information regarding File Storage can be found in Online Help:

The automatic cleanup can be enabled in the Administration and Monitoring Station > Settings > Cleanup.

To enable the automatic cleanup of the processed batches, the Delete processed batches option must be also enabled in the project and Batch Type properties (Project Properties (Batch Type Properties) > Export):

The cleanup can be also executed manually in the Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Cleanup to remove log data, reports, and processed batches:

It is also possible to compact the project, which will reduce the size of the project. The compact project removes the old versions of Document Definitions.

To compact the project on the server you can export it and then use the Project > Compact option. After the operation is completed, you can reupload the project to the server:

However, the CompactProject command of FCAdminTools allows compacting the project uploaded to the server directly, without exporting it first.

It is also possible to clean up the File Storage completely:

  1. Make sure that you do not have any batches being processed. It is necessary to stop the processing because projects will be deleted from the server.
  2. Export the projects: Project Setup Station > Open Project from Server > Project > Export project.
  3. Perform a manual cleanup: Administration and Monitoring Console > Service > Cleanup > Manual cleanup. Select the Processed batches, choose the period, and click the Cleanup button.
  4. Close all sessions: Administration and Monitoring Console > Monitoring > Sessions.
  5. Delete projects from the Server: Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects.
  6. At this moment, all the data related to the project should already be deleted from the File Storage.
  7. Upload the needed project to the server again via the Project Setup Station.


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