Uploading a project to the server with the FCAdminTools UploadProject command changes the project GUID


The project update fails with the same error as in the following Knowledge Base article, but the reproduction scenario is different: The project update fails: cannot install updates from an unrelated project

Reproduction scenario:

  1. Download the project from the server (using Export Project functionality of the Project Setup Station or the DownloadProject command of FCAdminTools).
  2. Upload the project to a newly created tenant (tenant without projects). UploadProject command of FCAdminTools is used to upload the project.
  3. Since the GUID of the project uploaded to the tenant has changed, an error occurs when updating the project.


The described behavior is by design: UploadProject

By default, the UploadProject command of FCAdminTools changes the project's GUID during the upload.


The UploadProject command requires the /CheckProjectExists flag to upload the project without changing its GUID.

Alternatively, you can use the Upload Project to Server functionality of the Project Setup Station to upload the project to the server without changing its GUID.

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