How to unlock documents locked for a user?


When trying to edit documents on the Verification Station, the following message appears: "Cannot edit the documents. They are locked for the user <Name>".


How to unlock documents locked for a user?



This message indicates that the documents were sent as a task for a specific user. Even if the user Rejects the task and ends the session, the task will remain locked for that user.
You can check the assigned tasks in the Administration and Monitoring Console in the Processing Monitor → Tasks section:


More information in the following article: Monitoring tasks

In order to be able to edit the document, you can redirect the batch to another user. For this:
1. Log in to the verification station with the rights of the senior verification operator;
2. Right-click on the batch and select Send to Stage;
3. Select the stage and user of interest and click OK.
You can also select the "Any" option in the "For user" field so that any operator at the selected stage has access to the documents.


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