Project uploaded to the Application Server is not showing in the projects list at Project Setup Station and Verification station


The project is showing in the projects list in Administration and Monitoring Console, but it is not showing in the projects list when trying to open it from the server using the Project Setup Station, Verification Station, or Web Verification Station.

If the project is shown in the list of recently opened projects, it can be opened successfully from this list. 

Automatic document processing with this project is running without issues. 


The issue may occur after changes to the project were made, but not uploaded to the Application Server successfully. It can happen due to the project being edited simultaneously by multiple operators, or network issues, etc. In this case, data synchronization between the Application Server and station is detected and the project is marked as not visible in the FlexiCapture Database.


  1. Check the project record in FlexiCapture Database in dbo.Projects table.
  2. Change the value in the Flags column to 2048 in the record.

Additional Information

Project is invisible under tenant with all corresponding settings

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    Dheeraj Kumar

    Check the Flags its already 2048 any other solution or things to check, please suggest.


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