"Cannot connect to ... (error code: (HTTP 503, 19, 0))" when connecting to the Application Server from the desktop station.


When trying to open any desktop station (Verification Station, Project Setup Station) and connect to the Application Server, the following error occurs:


The possible causes include:

  1. Used authentication method (Windows Authentication or FlexiCapture Authentication).
  2. Firewall or similar network components blocking the station's connection to the Application Server
  3. Application Server uses non-default ports.


  1. Check the selected authentication method. If Windows Authentication is used, try using the FlexiCapture Authentication (define the User Name and Password explicitly).
  2. Check the firewall's settings in your environment, so it would not block the connection between the FlexiCapture components as described here.
  3. If the ports used by the Application Server were customized, specify the port when connecting to the Application Server.

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