FineReader Server - clean disk space


FineReader Server 14 no disk space at working folder, or disk full issue.


If FineReader Server 14 runs out of disk space in the working folder:

By default, the FRS14 working folder is configured on drive C:

C:\ProgramData\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\RS14WF


For this reason, the working folder is filled with temporary ones on the system drive C:

To fix this situation, you can change the path to the saved temporary files on the user's drive.
An example is in the screenshot below.

It's specified in the FineReader Server Properties:

For detailed info, please visit: FineReader Server Properties

To apply the changes, please, restart the server.


You can clean this folder manually if it uses too much disk space, or you could create a scheduled windows task to clean up the folder.

To find some additional information, follow the article with the next link What to do if files in FineReader Server 14 working folder take up too much space




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