Flexicapture 11. IPE: .\Src\ClientProxyImpl.cpp, 2124


When starting the processing server, the following IPE occurs: .\Src\ClientProxyImpl.cpp, 2124


The error occurs if the DB GUID is absent. 

Please check the GUID of the created DB, for example using a query: 

select *from [name of your FC 11 database].[dbo].[Settings]  where Name = 'DatabaseGUID'

If you checked Database GUID in SQL Management studio (by executing the query we provided) and it is not present there, that means an installation step during database generation was not executed.


You may try to create a new DB from scratch via the Administration console and check whether the Processing Server can be started after the creation of the new DB.


Another solution is to manually fill the GUID of the existing database:

  • Temporarily connect to any other DB (it can be done for example by creating new DB directly from Administration and Monitoring Console);
    • If you are unable to connect to another database it would be necessary to stop Processing the Server and Station. 
  • Fill the GUID for the original database by executing the following SQL Statement:
    • Declare @NewGUID As Uniqueidentifier;
      Set @NewGUID = NewId();

      Insert into dbo.Settings(Name, Value) values('DatabaseGUID', @NewGUID)"
  • Connect to the original database from Administration and Monitoring Console (Start Processing Server and Station if you stopped them).

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