Error when opening the project on Project Setup Station: EnterpriseSErviceslmpl.cpp,476


Error when opening the project on Project Setup Station:

EnterpriseSErviceslmpl.cpp, 476



The project record in the FlexiCapture database contains the LinkedGuid which is a unique identifier of a parent project, which means, that this project is a test copy of the already existing project.

The above-described issue happens when trying to open the test copy when the parent project is removed.


The fix for this issue is included in the latest FlexiCapture releases.

Alternatively, the steps below can be followed to edit the database record of the project:

  1. Create a database backup before making any changes to the database.
  2. Find the affected project in the dbo.Principal table in the FlexiCpture database.
  3. If the LinkedGuid value in the project record has a value other than NULL, replace it with NULL.
  4. Save changes and try opening the project again.

Additional information

Create a Full Database Backup (

FlexiCapture (Latest release)

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