FRS: FineReader Server puts files in the exception folder even when there are no files running in the program. Receiving unexpected output during using FRS14


- The files that have been processed correctly continue to pop up in the exceptions folder with an error.

- Spit out error files in the “exceptions” folder even when there are no files running in the program.

- Both workflows have separate input/output folders that are assigned correctly but the issue still persists

- "The image file format has not been recognized" error message in Job Log


- Windows Thumbnail feature is turned on, So it creates a hidden thumbnail file (Thumbs.db)in each folder, and FRS puts it to the “exceptions” folder.

- The input folder contains some hidden files or files with an incorrect format that FRS trying to process


1. You can disable thumbnails by opening a File Explorer window, then going to View > Options. Under the View tab, check the box that says Always show icons, never thumbnails. This will prevent thumbnails from showing anywhere in your files


2. Please change your workflow settings by following the instruction:

     Open Administration Console - Workflows - Right-click on "Workflow Name" - Properties ( as on the screenshot  below )

In the Properties Window navigate to (Input - Edit Filter )
In the  "Input File Filter" Window ​Click First on "Clear" - then Choose "Images" and "PDF" - after that click "OK" ( or you can choose only those file formats that you need )
Your settings should look exactly the same.

Save it and change the settings for the ​other as well.

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