FlexiCapture 12 Windows Server 2022 support


Does FlexiCapture 12 support Windows Server 2022?


Yes, Windows Server 2022 is supported by FlexiCapture 12.

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    Duncan Ashenhurst

    Hi there. If we have all FC12 components on Server 2016, and then upgrade the Server OS to 2022 - are there any other steps we need to apply in order to ensure everything contnues to work?



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    Tatiana Dyu

    Hi Duncan, to be on the safe side, it is recommended to:

    • finish and stop the processing;
    • take the backup of the current installation (i.e. File Storage, Database, export projects);
    • ask the account manager for a trial license;
    • install FlexiCapture on a new VM with the required OS version;
    • activate the trial license;
    • restore the backups there and connect FlexiCapture to the copied File Storage and Database;
    • start processing;
    • once you confirm that all is good on a new server, you can deactivate the main license from the old machine and activate it on a new one.

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