In FlexiCapture 12 in General Operators Report what does "Work Time" mean ?


In the General Operators Report available in FlexiCapture 12 Administration and Monitoring Console what does Work Time mean? 

Why are there 3 rows at the same time frame in the below screen capture?

General operator report.jpg


This column "Work time" represents the time spent on documents verification tasks, and it is grouped by hours (the grouping is specified in the report settings).

It represents any period between “Getting task” and “Rejecting/Postponing task”.  It should be noted that if the operator clicked "Get task" and just kept it open doing nothing the time will still be counted.

If there were three documents checked by the same user in the specified period of time (from 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the reference screenshot), each row shows the time the user spent verifying each document, and they share the same time stamp.

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