How to change the admin user after FlexiCapture 12 installation?


How to change the admin user after FlexiCapture 12 installation?



You can create a new admin user in the Administration and Monitoring Console. 

To add users manually, the FlexiCapture administrator must do the following:

  1. Open the Administration and Monitoring Console, go to the Settings → Users page, and click the NEW USER button.
  2. On the page that opens, specify the login, full name, and e-mail address of the new user, grant the required roles and permissions to the user, and click the Save button.


A user added in this manner can be authenticated using standard IIS authentication, provided that the user’s login in the system matches the user’s Windows login. In this case, the Windows password must be used for authentication. If the user is not in the domain where the Application Server is located, the basic authentication can be used.


For more information about user authentication, please refer to the Authenticating ABBYY FlexiCapture applications.


For more information on user management, please refer to the Administration and Monitoring Console help page.


For instructions on importing users from the Active Directory, see Using the Active Directory to manage users.


Additionally, please, check the following documentation:

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