File Storage size is increasing.


The File Storage folder constantly swells in size even though processed batches are set to be deleted periodically.


Most probably the processed images and training samples are taking the most of the File Storage space.


  • It is possible to clean up the processed batches from the File Storage using the clean-up functionality of FlexiCapture: set the Delete processed batched after <selected number> days option to one week or less. It is also possible to periodically clean the processed batches through the Manual cleanup feature of the Administration and Monitoring Console.

  • Compact Project with CLI command.

  • Remove unnecessary documents from training batches. Please consider using the DeleteTrainingSamples CLI command to delete accumulated documents and images from all the training batches, leaving only the training results. If it is required to keep specific documents for further training, please consider deleting the unwanted images manually. As an option, please consider using the command parameter "/DeleteOlderThan".
  • Delete unnecessary working batches.



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