FRS 14 Error "XFA-based Pdf files can't be processed correctly."


When you place the PDF XFA-based file in the input folder and try to recognize it - an error "XFA-based Pdf files can't be processed correctly." occurs in the job Log



In the official documentation:

It states that "PDFs with XFA forms cannot be imported." 

This is not fully compatible with the technology. So before FRS 14 build If the input was XFA-based PDF, some of the text could be lost without any notification.

Starting from build It was decided to fail the job and throw that error message instead. Also, the corresponding info regarding "PDFs with XFA forms cannot be imported" was added to the documentation 


If you still need to process that type of PDF, there is a workaround.

Please note: Some text/images might be lost during the recognition


1. Stop FineReader Server 14 services:

2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0 folder and open the Configuration.xml file in the editor

3.  Add CanProcessXfa="true" attribute in PdfProcessingParams for corresponding workflow


4. Save changes in the files

5. Start FineReader Services again 

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