How to disable NTLM authentication in FlexiCapture 12


How to disable the NTLM authentication in FlexiCapture to be replaced with a different Windows Authentication method?


NTLM (NT Lan Manager) - is the authentication protocol used on networks that include systems running the Windows operating system and on stand-alone systems.

FlexiCapture 12, by default, utilizes this protocol for Windows Authentication.

If there is a need to disable the default NTLM authentication method within the FlexiCapture 12 instance and utilize a different one (e.g. Kerberos, assuming it is up and running in the environment) it may be possible as follows:

  • Open the IIS management console
  • Select the FlexiCapture Server node 
  • Open the "Authentication" settings
  • Select "Windows Authentication"
  • Open the list of providers and remove NTLM from the list of the enabled providers:

Then Kerberos authentication method could be added as per environment's requirements.

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