Not able to login to FlexiCapture web page: Invalid user name or password


Not able to authenticate when trying to log in to the FlexiCapture web appliation due to the error:
Invalid user name or password


This issue can be caused by several reasons:

  1. The user has specified an incorrect password or user name.
  2. The tenant is not specified before entering the credentials.
  3. The user does not have enough permissions.


The 1st way to resolve the issue, is to try re-entering the credentials.
Preliminary, please check if the correct language is set on your keyboard and if the Caps Lock was not pressed accidentally.

The 2st solution is to check the Tenant name specified (and if it has been specified at all). The entered Tenant name is shown near the Log In title.

  • If there is an empty space, then click on Log in to Tenant button in the right bottom corner.
  • If there is an incorrect tenant name specified near the Log in title, click on the Change Tenant button in the right bottom corner.

Lastly, please double-check with the tenant administrator, that such a user exists and has valid permissions.

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