Failed to retrieve part of a job log


When accessing the job log, an error message is shown.
Title: remote management Console
Text: Double internal error! Application terminated.

Another modal window is shown with the following error:
Failed to retrieve part of a job log. Internal program error:
d:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\13\s\Build\RS\Libs\Lib.OCRServerLib\src\Job\JobsLogTable.cpp, 1101


It could happen in case of a sudden system restart that occurred during the job queue update. The update was interrupted and now the job file (the XML file corresponding to the job) contains garbage.


Here are a few steps that should resolve the error
Note: (Perform each next step in case the issue is not resolved)

  1. Simply try to clear the job log: (Right-click on Job Log --> Clear log)
  2. Collect logs and send them to support
    How to collect the FineReader Server 14 logs

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